One Year

On March 7th I attended Kamasi Washington’s show at the Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City, the same day Oklahoma reported their first COVID-19 case. That is still the last major public event I’ve been. At that point we knew almost nothing about the pandemic and the risk seemed low in terms of attending the concert but as news of the pandemic progressed over the next week I kept questioning whether I should have gone and whether the slightest weird feelings I got were the onset of COVID-19 or just a panic induced response.

I Have Vaccine Envy

Yesterday morning as I was casually browsing Reddit I saw a post about how a user had been a “busy beaver” booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments because the state had opened vaccines to those under 65 with comorbidities and K-12 teachers. The user mentioned how they’d been expecting this for weeks and had an alarm go off at 3:50AM.

Is There a Good Safari Ad Blocker?

What’s the Point? For a while I’ve bounced around between ad blockers and wanted to finally have some idea about how they compared to one another, so I decided to compare how they stacked up when I opened various websites. What’s below is a non-extensive test of the ad blockers.

January 2021 Media Diet

In the interest of cataloging material, I’m doing a monthly media diet of things I watched, listened to, or read. I had high hopes for the start of the new year (including this whole affair) but January disappeared into the mess of insurrection, impeachment, inauguration, and investment stonks.

Bits, Bobs and Chargers

Today Apple announced the new iPhone versions and seemingly the biggest news came from the part of the virtual presentation that was filmed on top of Apple’s giant headquarters. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s VP for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives reported on the environmental initiatives Apple has undertaken and noted Apple’s movement towards a carbon neutral footprint and use of recycled rare earth metals in the production process.