Last Update: December 2022

What’s Here

This in many respects is my glorified junk drawer. This is where I put quotes, links, or other items. I found that I’ve liked over the years. You’ll also find a number of posts with basic tech-related issues, mostly to remind myself how I fixed things in case they break in the future.

I also tend to post some basic reviews of things I’m reading, watching, or listening to. I also post semi-regular media diets that cover stuff I’ve engaged with since the last time I posted one.

Beyond those there’s a number of history posts of varying lengths and quality; some posts on local issues related to Connecticut (where I grew up) and Oklahoma (where I live).

Finally I have some old posts on The Hartford Whalers and Howard Baldwin’s attempt to return to hockey in Connecticut. I think they’ve held up pretty well over the last decade.


The blog is written by myself, Jared Eberle. I’m an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University, more information on that can be found on my CV. You can find my various social profiles under the link icon at the top of the page.

Over the years the blog has evolved from a Blogger site to being hosted on Tumblr and then a self-hosted website run with WordPress, Jekyll, and Hugo, before returning to WordPress. Previous versions were hosted on[1] and[2] Over the years I’ve let those domains lapse and have culled many of the posts from the older sites because they weren’t worth migrating to the new sites and programs.

The blog is hosted on NearlyFreeSpeech and runs on WordPress using the Marianne theme. My CV is compiled with Hugo, a static site generator.

Most posts are written in Marsedit or BBEdit with the assistance of Markdown. All of my work is done on either a 2021 M1 iMac (Blue) or a 2021 11.9″ iPad Pro.

See the sources below for information on where I probably find material.

Other important programs:


This is a non-extensive (and only periodically updated) list of magazines, websites, and other sources I read or listen to on a regular basis.

Magazines (With Print Subscriptions)

  • New Yorker
  • Wired
  • Mother Jones
  • Dissent

National Media

Local Media



  1. A reference to Frederick Jackson Turner’s statement that, “History, both objective and subjective, is ever becoming — never completed.”  ↩
  2. A play on the 1960 film North to Alaska not the 1989 film  ↩