The D Word

In the summer of 1998 Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa spent a summer chasing down Roger Maris' single-season home run record. Between the home runs and the fact that they played for the Cardinals and Cubs respectively it was about the only thing I cared about that summer.

Walking on Glass

I’ve been using the public betas of iOS/iPadOS and MacOS since they came out in the last few days and there’s a lot to love about the forthcoming releases. I love the fact that my iPad Home Screen can now be an information screen with widgets.

Blogging Baywatch: Season 1

Is Baywatch good? Not really. Is it terrible kitschy 1990s television that is hilariously terrible in many respects? Yes. Is it terrible 1990s syndicated television in which many episodes have not aged particularly well in the twenty to thirty some-odd years since they aired?

Media Diet: February and April 2021

I planned to write one of these each month for my own personal whatever and then life happened and I got through January’s before it came to a screeching halt. Letterboxd tells me I’ve watched two movies this year, both within the last week.

Another Ad Block Post

Hi, me another random person, writing about ad blockers in Safari. It’s been about a month since the last post, so why not another one? Wipr did a good job blocking ads, but it also broke some sites on a regular basis. One in particular was NBC Sports' website, which was non-functional with Wipr enabled.