Required Reading For All Whalers Dreamers

Here’s an excellent piece from “Puck Daddy” that not only summarizes the current discussion of whether or not the Atlanta Thrashers will relocate to Canada but also provides a solid no in response. To quote the takeaway

Bettman’s reign in the NHL has been one of expansion, not contraction; of venturing forth to new frontiers, rather than retreating to comfort zones.The success of these initiatives can, and should, be dissected and debated. But there’s no question that moving a Bettman era expansion or relocated team (like Atlanta or Phoenix) north of the border carries with it a sense of defeat, of failure, of having staked a claim in a new market and then having seen that market, for whatever reason, reject the NHL.And you expect Gary Bettman to symbolically admit to that?

Not only would it be a sign of defeat for Bettman but the ill will created towards the league in any city with relocation can’t be something anyone in the NHL front offices hopes for. Plus, for people in Hartford still dreaming about a return of the real whale take a look at the cities mentioned. If you were hoping for Hartford you probably don’t want to look.

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