Hartford’s Don Quixote Continues Chasing Giants

Howard Baldwin, not satisfied with an average of 4,700 per home game this year, is back chasing rainbows and attempting to implant delusions of grander and sugar plum fairies into the minds of Connecticut hockey fans. Want a new arena complex and the NHL by 2017? Howard will do it! If you believe that I still haven’t been unable to unload my ocean front property in Arizona. Call me, it’s heavily reduced.

So what are the issues this time? The biggest is the price tag: []$105 million in public dollars](https://twitter.com/VTConfidential/status/136437450703765504). I’m a hockey fan but even I won’t endorse spending money on a new stadium given the record of publicly-financed stadiums. Next? Baldwin wants the NHL to return in six years. Winnipeg opened the MTS Centre in 2004 and saw the NHL return this year–a seven year time span. Howard wants the NHL back in six years and we only have nice pictures of what the new XL Center will look like. With fifteen years of failed attempts at a new arena, do you really think we’ll do it in six?

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