The Yankees Did Not Play the Cubs in July 1934

I’ve long gotten over bickering about factual errors in historical movies, yet Public Enemies just got on my nerves. The IMDB issues page should shed some light if you’ve never seen the movie. Oddly it wasn’t that the movie has Pretty Boy Floyd die before Dillinger (the movie uses Melvin Purvis shooting Floyd as basis for him leading the hunt for Dillinger), rather it was that the Yankees played the Cubs in July during one point in the film.

Late in the film Johnny Depp’s Dillinger wanders through a police station examining evidence while a baseball game can be heard in the background. It’s the Cubs beating the Yanks 3–2 with the announcer talking about the Babe’s bad leg. The Yankees were actually playing in Chicago that day, and Babe Ruth certainly had a bum leg. But given that Interleague wasn’t invented for another 63 years, the Yanks were at Comiskey not Wrigley. They also played a doubleheader, blowing out the Sox both games.

Of course Dillinger was a Cubs fan.


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