January 22, 2012

Hoboes, Tramps, and Bums

There are three types of the genus vagrant: the hobo, the tramp, and the bum. The hobo works and wanders, the tramp dreams and wanders and the bum drinks and wanders. In Hoboes: Bindlestiffs, Fruit Tramps, and the Harvesting of the West by Mark Wyman.

August 29, 2011

'Together, it and I earned a Read Badge of Shared Achievement'

Wonderful “Reading Life” essay on the well-read book as a thing of beauty: Eventually, I finished this impressive volume. It went from being a new and unread book to one that was very evidently used and read. I left it lying around for a few days, enjoyed looking at the transformation it had undergone, struck by the mysterious transfusion of knowledge in which this object had played such an important — and historically tried-and-tested — role. Read more

July 28, 2011

Even The Entertainment Was Traumatic

Even the entertainment could be traumatic in No Man’s Land. People would gather at makeshift rodeo stands near Boise City, OK on Saturday afternoons to watch the cow dip. Cattle were herded into a chute and down into a vat of water. Once they hit the water, they were drowned by two cowboys, on either side of the vat, who held their heads down while the beeves bucked. Some of the children didn’t like it–an amusement ride with a sudden death at the end. Read more

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