August 4, 2020

Really Bad Charts

The Axios interview was a lot to take in for a forty minute interview, but I want to focus on particular on this bit from Alex Shephard in the New Republic (Emphasis mine): The printouts ultimately damage Trump more than he himself could. They’re a prop for the camera, but they also suggest that the administration is more interested in coddling the president and creating a comforting pseudo-reality than stopping a deadly pandemic. Read more

July 30, 2020

The Two Lives of Herman Cain

On June 20th, Herman Cain attended Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa. Cain tweeted a photo of himself and others, all not wearing masks, in the VIP section of the rally. On July 2nd it was reported that Cain had been hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19. On July 30th Cain’s official website announced he passed away as a result of the virus. That’s the basics of the last month of Herman Cain’s life, a process that has played out over a 150,000 times since March of this year. Read more

June 9, 2020

A Tale of Two Charts

Since the world went on lockdown during what should have been spring break, I’ve been logging the daily COVID-19 numbers provided by both Oklahoma (where I live) and Connecticut (where my parents live) in a Google Docs spreadsheet. Now nearing the middle of June, the two charts look drastically different. Oklahoma never entirely locked down, the state largely followed a “safer at home” approach that encouraged people to stay home and technically closed some businesses but allowed any business to petition to be exempt from the closures. Read more

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