Spent a weekend with the monks at Clear Creek Abbey

Saw Bruce Springsteen in concert for the first time

Won a $6,000 summer research fellowship

Presented at a conference in Hawaii (and spent a week exploring Oahu)

Travelled close to 3,000 miles on a research trip

Saw the Goo Goo Dolls (and Collective Soul) in concert

Attended Cheyenne Frontier Days

Drove through the Rockies, the Badlands, and stayed in Deadwood, South Dakota

Taught my first class at the college level

Attended the first Indian Relays event in Oklahoma

Saw James McMurty play a small show

Saw Kris Kristofferson play

Met Clyde Bellecourt and got positive feedback from Ned Blackhawk at the WHA

Attended my first NHL game

Had incredible support from family and friends

Still alive and kicking