Don’t Do This NBC

Thanks to the movement to streaming services, NBC is in the process of retooling their corporate setup. In particular the media empire is shifting their sports coverage towards the Peacock streaming service and USA Network while sunsetting NBC Sports Network. Last month I got this email:

Annoying NBC Email

Prior to this email I hadn’t received an NBC-affiliated email in probably a year. I had purposely unsubscribed from the only emails I got – the daily fantasy newsletters – because the email only directed me to the website, a unless cluttering of my inbox. In corporate marketing, however, no relationship ever ends, and NBC decided that part of their sports division retooling would mean subscribing people to emails they never signed up for.[1]

To be fair to the Comcast overlords, they’re not unique in this. Every few months I get a random marketing email that I either never signed up for or from a company I did business with years ago that decided to silently refresh their marketing lists. In that respect I guess NBC Comcast gets credit, they announced the fact and let people unsubscribe (albeit after a day or one of opening the unsubscribe link and having it go no where).

This is a non-timely reminder to use something like Apple’s Hide My Email or an email account solely for website sign-ups and junk emails.

  1. I originally wrote resubscribing, but that wasn’t accurate. I got the email on multiple accounts, one of which was used to purchase a season of NBC Sports Gold’s cycling pass and the other had not been used for any other than the daily fantasy emails. NBC Sports Gold sent an email every now and then announcing when cycling was happening, not a three times a week email.