Another Ad Block Post

Hi, me another random person, writing about ad blockers in Safari. It’s been about a month since the last post, so why not another one?

Wipr did a good job blocking ads, but it also broke some sites on a regular basis. One in particular was NBC Sports' website, which was non-functional with Wipr enabled. Now I don’t think this is Wipr’s fault in particular. It seems to be more the result of Easlist/Easyprivacy breaking the website. The same issues presented in Adguard with Easylist and Easyprivacy enabled but didn’t appear when Adguard’s own privacy and adblocking filter sets were enabled instead.

So anyway, I dumped Wipr. I went back to Ka-Block/Hush combo with the added fact that I block things at the DNS level with NextDNS and the OISD list. This prevents the things I don’t want (trackers, etc.) from even reaching my computer and the two add-ons clean up most of the issues that remain. OISD has been pretty good about not blocking stuff that it shouldn’t, but maybe there’ll be another post in a month about how this too has failed.