An Abundance of History

The Athletic (subscription needed) asked their beat reporters to share the best book on their team and Scott Burnside picked this for the Hurricanes:

The Hartford Whalers: Images of Sports | Brian CodagnoneThis book, which published 10 years after the Whalers’ 1997 relocation and rebirth as the Carolina Hurricanes, is described as a pictorial tribute to their NHL history in Hartford. — Scott Burnside

The Hurricanes made it to the Stanley Cup finals in 2002, and won a Stanley Cup in 2006 and yet the best book on the team is still* a Hartford Whalers pictorial history. The Hurricanes have had far more success since their relocation than the Whalers ever had and yet their cultural relevancy is almost zero, which is probably why they’ve felt the need to wear Whalers throwbacks. Amazing.

The rest of the list is kind of bland. Dryden’s book is wonderful but someone should have dropped in a plug for Ed Willes' The Rebel League.