Amazingly Safari is Worse Now

The first public beta of MacOS 15 included the re-designed Safari and a lot of it was…not good. Apple obviously got a lot of negative feedback on the redesigns and has attempted to “fix” some of the complaints in the third beta. Amazingly, it’s worse than it was before.

Apple’s fix is to break the tab bar and the URL bar back into two separate bars. In a normal window it looks…meh but ok. But here’s what it looks like in private browsing.

It looks like there’s multiple URL bars awkwardly stacked in a pyramid. Amazingly…it gets worse.

With colors enabled and private browsing it becomes borderline unreadable (the screenshot really doesn’t do it justice.

Apple does seem to have softened the use of colors in the tab bar as sites like Medium now display with a black title bar instead of green and ESPN defaults to the standard gray instead of red. But this is not getting better. I actually had adjusted relatively well to the unibar that was in the second beta.

And iOS? Check out the animation for switching from normal to private tabs

You might need to watch it a few times but focus on the corners of the URL bar. Once you notice the awkward squared edges that morph into rounded ones you can’t unsee it. Especially when it goes from normal to private browsing and the squared edges are weirdly translucent. Apple has kept the url bar at the bottom of the screen, right above the keyboard, which is an improvement from beta 2 when it would jump to the top of the screen.

Please, just stop.