October 4, 2011

'Saturday Night in a Saloon' Or John Ratzenberger's Opening Photo Credit From Cheers

In watching the final installment of Ken Burns’s “Prohibition” documentary I noticed a picture that was notable solely because I watch too many old reruns of “Cheers":

Saturday Night in a Saloon

“Saturday Night in a Saloon,” Russell Lee, Craigville, Minnesota, 1937 (LOC)

And as it appeared in “Cheers”:

Cheers Opening

Still from the opening credits of “Cheers,” Season 7 (Youtube)

Thanks to the fine folks at Shorpy, who highlighted the photograph last year, you can find out more about the town, and catch another view of our lumberjack turned Cliff Clavin stand-in.

© CC-BY-SA Jared Eberle