Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Here’s a helpful reminder should you stumble across any of the previous articles about attendance, either the Connecticut Whale or otherwise: attendance numbers are easily fudged through a variety of means. Also a humorous Twitter exchange between TSN’s Bob McKenzie and whoever runs the Whale’s Twitter page:

Baldwin Continues the Quest

Howard Baldwin, for better or worse, refuses to acknowledge the longshot (an understatement frankly) chances Hartford has of ever landing another NHL franchise. Hartford Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs has a column today in which Baldwin says this of next year: “I’m absolutely adamant next year that our average attendance is closer to 10,000,” Baldwin said.


Soup to Nutz - April 20, 2011

Losing the Old and the New

Two interesting articles in the New York Times* this morning, one wondering what happens to writing in the margins given the rise of digital books, and the other being the decrease in long form blogging by younger Internet users. I’d assume at some point hipsters will return to writing in books and blogging someplace other than Tumblr.

The Dream That Never Was is Dead

The Whale Bowl was played yesterday and wind and cold are being blamed for poor attendance. The failure to turn out a decent crowd for the whole game sent columnists and reporters scrambling hoping to salvage whatever they could from the failed stunt cooked up by Howard Baldwin to convince the NHL to come back to Hartford.