Let Them Have Cake

We tossed the cakes to them and I fed them like chickens with small pieces of cake and like chickens they ate it. Mr. Stevens kept guard with a whip with which he pretended to whip a small boy. We made them open their mouths and tossed cake into it.

Hartford’s Don Quixote Continues Chasing Giants

Howard Baldwin, not satisfied with an average of 4,700 per home game this year, is back chasing rainbows and attempting to implant delusions of grander and sugar plum fairies into the minds of Connecticut hockey fans. Want a new arena complex and the NHL by 2017?

On Uncreative Writing

It seems an appropriate response to a new condition in writing: With an unprecedented amount of available text, our problem is not needing to write more of it; instead, we must learn to negotiate the vast quantity that exists. How I make my way through this thicket of information—how I manage it, parse it, organize and distribute it—is what distinguishes my writing from yours.

TurnItIn and Plagiarism

[Interesting article on Turnitin.com]((http://web.archive.org/web/20111018164730/https://davideharrington.com/?p=594), a website professors and universities use to (hopefully) catch students passing off plagiarized work. Unfortunately the service has a variety of issues, the biggest of which is that it offers a (paid) service for students that tells them the parts of their papers that will get flagged should it get run through turnitin.