Hoboes, Tramps, and Bums

There are three types of the genus vagrant: the hobo, the tramp, and the bum. The hobo works and wanders, the tramp dreams and wanders and the bum drinks and wanders. In Hoboes: Bindlestiffs, Fruit Tramps, and the Harvesting of the West by Mark Wyman.

Malloy: “Don’t Hold Your Breath”

Sensibility from Dannel: …Malloy added, Connecticut is not close to landing an NHL franchise. “I don’t lie awake at night wondering how that’s going to happen,” Malloy said. “Because, it’s not going to happen in the short run.” I attended a game over Christmas break and the crowd was a decent size, but the team is averaging less than 4,500 fans a game.

Bobby Crawford, Former Whaler, Says Return Improbable

Someone alert Don Quixote! Crawford in an interview with the Canadian paper The Intelligencer: “Toronto could handle another NHL team — probably two more,” said Crawford. “But there are three NHL teams within 90 minutes of Hartford, plus basketball, football and baseball.

Thanksgiving 1970

1970 marked the 350th anniversary of the pilgrims landing at Plymouth Rock and like usual the residents of Plymouth, Massachusetts were planning the annual Pilgrim’s Progress* festival. The festival included a parade and feast, complete with residents in period clothes. The whole affair was a celebration of American progress.