Nate Silver on Hockey Relocations

Traditional Nate Silver post with lots of numbers and charts trying to answer why Canada hasn’t won a Stanley Cup in 20 years. Mostly it boils down to bad luck but Silver looks at redistributing NHL teams to align with fan support, which mostly means lots of new teams in Canada.

Look at Wounded Knee Sale From Australia

The Australia Broadcasting Corporation’s Jane Cowan travels to Wounded Knee to look at the potential sale of 40 acres of land by Jim Czywczynski. She leads with “…an ancient culture feels very much alive” which is problematic because, well, it is alive. Additionally she follows others (who probably read the Wikipedia entry) and claims an FBI agent died during the Wounded Knee occupation.

Tulsa in 1918

The hand-drawn map (not done to scale) comes from the Library of Congress’s panoramic maps collection. The full version can be downloaded or viewed here. Here’s some other historical maps from Oklahoma. If you zoom in you’ll notice there’s a baseball stadium between Brady and Archer from Cincinnati to Detroit, a block west of the current ONEOk Field.

Whalers Links

Gordie Howe Turns 85 Today A note from February: MSG, and Comcast Spectacor, the new management of the XL Center, signed a new agreement to keep the Whale in Hartford for a least three years. Great news. Bonus note: MSG “contemplated a name change because the company wanted to distance itself from Baldwin’s rebranding.

Business Insider’s Hideously Inaccurate Piece About Wind River

The concluding chapter of my thesis touched on the issue of people writing poverty porn articles in regards to life on Native American reservations. In addition to Diana Sawyer’s visit to Pine Ridge for “Hidden America: Children of the Plains” I mentioned the negative coverage the Wind River reservation receives from the press.