Beer Archive

Just nine months into the job, Edmunson-Morton has already collected a variety of materials for the archives, including craft beer singleers, hops breeding reports and historic photographs. OHBA’s extensive Flickr and Zotero collections enable people to easily tap into beer and hops history with a few clicks.

Murray Hall Name Debate

Update: In June 2020, the Oklahoma A&M Board of Regents voted to remove Murray’s name from both Murray Hall and North Murray Hall. That was the correct decision, this is an old post with views I no longer support. I’m leaving up, however, because old ideas shouldn’t be erased but apologized for and rejected.

BIA Recognition Changes in Connecticut

I’ve been meaning to write an in-depth single about the Bureau of Indian Affairs attempt to change the process for tribes getting recognized and the backlash it’s received in Connecticut since it was announced last summer but simply haven’t had the time (or energy) to get around to it.

The Issue of the Seminole Mascot

The final BCS National Championship saw the Florida State Seminoles beat Auburn for their first national title since the 1999 season. A day later David Zirin, the Nation’s* sports writer, also proclaimed the school as the “Champion of Racist Mascots.” Zirin makes some good points in looking at the continued use of the mascot as opposition grows to Washington’s NFL fanchise and general usage of Native American mascots.

A History of Tulsa’s 100-6 Loss to Houston

It featured a flu epidemic, a future NFL coach, and a 49-point fourth quarter. A country music star caught a touchdown pass. The winning coach was a tactical revolutionary; the losing coach was the most beloved football hero ever to grace early-1950s Saskatchewan.